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Russian Remy Hair extensions

Russian Remy Hair extensions 100% Human Hair. This is the creme de la creme of human hair extensions,used by the stars it is simply the best! Sourced and selected from eastern Russia this hair goes through very little processing to preserve the quality of the hair extension. Once you have tried this hair you wont settle for anything less.It is double drawn so is as thick at the ends as it is at the root and can be re-used again and again with the correct care.This hair is just fantastic!
  • The hair is cuticle correct keeping a smooth texture,extremely soft.
  • Retains vitality and elasticity for many months.
  • Can be coloured and styled just the same as your natural hair.
  • 100% human Remy hair
  • Cuticle correct(non-matting)
  • 100%drawn as thick as root to tip
  • silky,shiny,thick,strong
  • great for all hair types,especially good for lighter shades
  • celebrity choice.